About Us

Capsule Jewelry, a family owned
and operated business based in both New York City and Israel, was started by brothers Eran and Liron Vilheym in 2006. Recently, Liron’s wife Stephanie joined the brothers to assist in design .

These “three musketeers” all shared a similar vision for jewelry design which began at an early age. Eran and Liron grew up around the elegance of diamonds, since their paternal grandfather worked as a diamond cutter in Israel for over 40 years, forming beautifully sculpted pieces from rough diamonds.

Eran and Liron recall visiting their grandfather in the factory, observing with fascination as their grandfather would take these bizarrely shaped materials and craft something so unique. Similarly, Stephanie’s appreciation for jewelry stemmed from her grandmother, whose intricate two yellow gold rings never left her fingers. Stephanie soon realized how these pieces reflected her understated grace and elegance.

It was from this joint appreciation of creating beauty from the abstract that Capsule Jewelry had begun. The company’s goal has always been to design authentic, hand crafted jewelry pieces that would create similar memories for its customers.

Capsule Jewelry only utilizes top quality materials including real gold and sterling silver, as well as pieces that are gold filled and crafted using a special cold enamel technique.

The company’s top priority is to deliver unique hand crafted designs to its customers. Capsule is committed to the best customer service.