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Touch the hearts of parents with a wonderful surprise from NAMURI Baby. Present a personalized baby gift with a fimo clay box for baby foot or hand imprint and a diamond pendant crafted by skilled jewelers. Choose a special set for a girl or a boy with a pendant design based on your preferences. Let the family create precious memories to be passed down through the generations.

Namuri Prints - The Perfect Double Baby Gift

Welcome a new baby into the world with a very special and absolutely unique gift. With Namuri Prints, you not only present a fabulous jewelry piece, but also help for the creation of a memory which will last a lifetime. Each box contains a diamond pendant on a specially designed and crafted cotton string and a box of fimo clay for imprinting the baby's foot or hand. It is great to know that this gift will make the baby and his/her parents happy even after the youngster grows up.

There is a wide choice of hand-crafted pendants in the Namuri Prints collection. The foot pendant has the white sparkly Real Diamond in the top part and looks absolutely charming. It comes in baby pink for girls and in baby blue for boys. This applies to the hand pendant too. It is in the shape of a small hand that seems to be giving high five. The diamond is set right in the center of the palm. The other options include pendants shaped like a girl and like a boy. The girl has pony tails and a dress. Both models have the diamond set in the center right next to the heart.

The strings used for the baby jewelry are made from soft and hypoallergenic cotton of the highest quality. They are gentle on the skin while being strong and hard-wearing. They are resistant to all kinds of damage.

The fimo clay comes in a special box which is easy to take out of the gift package. To create the imprint, just take the baby's hand or foot and press it gently into the clay. It takes up to 24 hours for the fimo clay to dry. If you like the idea of creating imprints of both the hand and foot of the baby, then you can readily get an extra box of fimo clay along with the original gift. It has the same beautiful and lasting packing.

Order your preferred giftset from the Namuri Prints collection and it will come in a beautiful box that does not require gift wrapping to look perfect.

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